Act now!

Here are 4 simple things to do now that could make a difference

1. Email Stephen Hammond MP and tell him to vote against the health bill.
2. Pass on your email to 5 friends/neighbours and ask them to do the same
3. Print out the pdf of the poster (see below) and display prominently - encourage your neighbours to do the same
4. Follow this blog so you can support a lobby of his surgery.

You can contact Stephen Hammond by calling his constituency office on 020 8944 2905

You can email him at

or write to him at

Stephen Hammond MP
Parliamentary Office
House of Commons

He holds surgeries fortnightly. I am in the process of finding out dates so we can arrange to meet him

If you want more ideas about what to say have a look at the template letters here
However a simple statement of support for a public NHS and a request to vote against the reforms is fine.

Download poster by clicking here: DOWNLOAD POSTER