Monday, February 13, 2012

Publish the risk register

The Information Commissioner have instructed this government to publish the risk register. This is their own research into potential problems and difficulties that may arise as a result of their proposed changes. This is public information and we have a right to see it. Andrew Lansley thinks differently and is covering it up despite being instructed to make it public.

Labour MP Dr Eoin Clarke says he has been told the risk report contains damning evidence that this bill will damage the NHS fatally

The chief warning in the report is that Lansley's reforms will spark a surge in health care costs and that the NHS will become unaffordable as private profiteers siphon off money for their own benefit. The report specifically warns that GPs have no experience or skills to manage costs effectively. The profit element contained in Lansley's reforms is the chief reason for the report citing these worries.

Grahame Morris MP has tabled a motion asking the gov to publish this report. I have emailed Stephen about this. See below.

Dear Stephen,

Thank you for your letter re NHS. It is clear we disagree but can you not agree it is best to proceed with the full facts in front of us? That is why I am now asking you to support Grahame Morris's EDM 2659 which calls for the publication of the risk register.

I really don't understand why the risk register is not in the public domain. Indeed, if your arguments are correct then surely the risk register will back this up.

The information commissioner has instructed your government to publish this document. Do you support the Department of Health's attempt to hide this important information? Surely we need to know all the facts about this bill before proceeding. Since the overwhelming majority of the medical profession are against it the least you need to do is prove it is safe. And yes, I know the BMA voted against the establishment of the NHS rather like the conservative party did!

Best wishes,

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