Friday, February 24, 2012

Stephen Hammond voted to keep risk register SECRET

This is the email I have sent him in response. Will post up his reply once i get it.

Dear Stephen,

Why is this government so scared of releasing the risk register for the Health Bill? I can only assume it is because it contains damming evidence pointing out serious flaws in this bill. I am deeply disappointed that you voted against releasing it - despite the Infomation commissioners advice. We may disagree about the best way forward for the NHS but to simply to with hold evidence and to fight to keep it secret is no way for an honest and decent government to behave.

I strongly urge you to reconsider. The NHS is a loved and trusted institution which is the best in the world at delivering health care. You have no mandate for this dreadful top down policy - no one voted for it.

I appreciate this is going to be a tough u turn for the government but as our MP I urge you to put the needs of your constituents first, before the pride of your party.

Best wishes,
Jackie Schneider.

If you want a template email to send your MP click on 38 degrees link

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